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Quality & Effectiveness

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Ticks's Logo IconEvery Publisher's Content are humanly reviewed by our professionals

Ticks's Logo IconHigh ROI(Return On Investment) Output

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Full Control

Ticks's Logo IconControl Traffic Speed and Quality of Ads anytime

Ticks's Logo IconControl Your Online Advertising Campaigns & Budgets

Ticks's Logo IconControl Your Targetting Options: Category, Country, Age etc.

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Ticks's Logo IconPerformance Tracker ~ Track the number of clicks coverting to sales on your website

Ticks's Logo IconHigh Quality Traffic - Increase in sales

Ticks's Logo IconHigh Conversion Rates of up to 3%

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Ticks's Logo IconConvert Your Website Visitors into Your Customers with the

Ticks's Logo IconNew and Improved formats of online Advertising

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What Exactly Is Retargeting ?

Retargeting is a form of online advertisment that aims to

Not Only Increase your sales dramatically

But Also Provide a simplier and unique format of advertising

How Does it Work ?

Place a small piece of code on your website or product

When the user visits the page, a cookie gets stored on their computer

Allowing us to recognize them later and show them your ads

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